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There is so much love & intention that goes into creating & designing a mala I am so excited to be getting back to be my roots of why I started my jewelry business: Creating intentional pieces that enhance elevate life & encourage you to slow down & enjoy the in-between moments.

What is a Mala?

A mala is a tool & also an intentional piece of jewelry for meditation - 

Wearing a mala created custom to you will have you feeling like the Queen you are, as you adorn yourself in sacred jewels that can enhance your spiritual practices.

Step 1: Choose your gemstone

Step 2: Choose Spacers bead (gold/silver)

Step 3: Choose a tassel or pendant for the end of your mala

*If you choose tassel please add note in checkout with desired color.


Don't see a stone you wish to use? please send a message to us with what gemstone you wish to work with *prices fluctuate based on gemstones.

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